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We encourage people to invest their time, not their money. Make sure you are confident and clear when making a financial decision. As such, we desire to create a casual and comfortable environment, in which you can share your financial goals, desires, and concerns with us.

It starts with a call to our office (330) 453-2219 to make an appointment to meet. We ask that you bring all pertinent information to the meeting. We then have a conversation, where we ask many questions to derive information about you and your goals. Listening to you an understanding what you want to accomplish is the utmost importance to us.

We follow-up with a second meeting where we present and explain our ideas, strategies and advice for you to consider. We fully explain our recommendations and provide a written presentation, as well. These meetings cost you nothing but your time.

At the conclusion of our second meeting, we tell you that we will NOT be contacting you. we will not bother or harass you in any way. if you have additional questions, or wish to accept our advice, you’ll call us. In this master, you can feel comfortable and confident to meet us, share information, and know you’ll receive expert, competent, professional advice that is best for you, NOT best for us.

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