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Choosing to stop working for money, and to have your money work for you, is perhaps among the most significant decisions one will make in their lifetime. As it is, to plan for retirement requires a lot of thinking and consideration to many factors. For instance, retire too early and face the risk of running out of money. Retire too late in life, and perhaps miss out on the number of years to enjoy retirement. Do you select a pension payment or a lump-sum payout? How about the “Survivor’s benefits” for your spouse? Do you rollover your 401(k) plan into an IRA, or leave it where it’s at? How much income can you reasonably expect in retirement? How do you invest your money for income and growth? When should you start social security benefits?

In many instances, you have one opportunity to select the right decision. Think about having professionals assist you in making the right choices. Think about adding people who know and care, to your team. Think of the advantages of receiving professional, competent, expert advice that’s in your best interest, not that of the advisor.

Think about the fact that “retirement” is physical, emotional, mental and fiscal. At NewMarket, we assist you with the fiscal so that you have an easier time dealing with the rest.

Content in this material is for general information only and not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.

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